How to Keep Your Dog Quiet

How to Keep Your Dog Quiet

If your neighbor complains about your dog barking at night or during the day, consider chatting with them. If they are home, they may be able to help you find a proactive solution for keeping your dog quiet. If you work, they may be able to offer to check in on your dog during the day or make an arrangement to pick up your dog at a nearby daycare.

Blocking the dog's view

If your dog frequently barks, blocking the dog's view is an excellent way to prevent the nuisance. Many dogs bark when they are defending their territory. However, sometimes the dog's bark is triggered by smells or sounds in the yard. If this is the case, you can use privacy plants or fence screens to block the view of your dog. Your neighbors may find this method of dog training ineffective, but it will definitely help to stop your dog from bothering your neighbors.

Decorative window films are also an effective way to block the view of your dog and reduce the likelihood that they will bark. The films can be hung on the entire window, or only the part above it. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be easily installed on your windows. DIY window films can be made using bubble wrap. Simply spray the film with water and let it stick to your windows. Keep in mind that it is easy to remove if your dog starts to bark again.

Creating a sound barrier

You can reduce the amount of noise your dog makes by using a sound barrier. You can do this by putting up a thick layer of books, paintings, and shelving units. These objects can be made of heavy materials, making them an effective sound barrier. The heavier the objects are, the harder they are to penetrate. The thicker the barrier, the less noise your dog will be able to make.

Another way to reduce noise is by covering your windows with barrier products. The glass window is one of the weakest structural elements in your room, so it is the point where most noise will be transmitted. Layering plywood with a barrier product will add mass to your window, which will reduce noise. You can also use window plugs to block sound coming from windows. In addition to window plugs, you can add mass to the glass window by layering it with barrier products.

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