Tiny Yorkie Plays Poker
  • 11.06.2022
  • 6971

Ruby is SO cute and you guys make quite a comedic team! You can see that you two are really close.. :)

Playing Hide-and-Seek With a Yorkie Puppy
  • 20.04.2022
  • 46366

Humans are trying to teach me how to play hide-and-seek so i can learn their names and improve my hunting skills. i heard them say i'm terrible at seeking, but in my defense, i'm just a puppy and have only played hide-and-seek a few times. maybe I'm better at hiding? i hid my kong months ago and they still can't find it!

Todd with a 2 week old Yorkie Puppy
  • 10.04.2022
  • 4893

I love how my husband cuddles our Yorkie babies. We love taking care of puppies, and my husband runs so warm, that the little young babies love snuggling up on his chest. This puppy is a little chocolate female yorkie. We specialize in breeding some of the smallest yorkies in the world. We have an Intensive Care Unit, that controls humidity, oxygen, temperature, and has infrared healing light. It even has a nebulizer for aerosol medications if the need arises. Breeding really tiny dogs, means extra time, extra knowledge, extra everything ! We do not ever get a day off, and we don't take vacations because this is not just a hobby or a job, its our life and passion to care for these little angel's.

Brave Yorkie Dog Saves Boy From Coyote !
  • 09.04.2022
  • 91397

That girl should have picked her dog up, kick the coyote yell and scream, he wasn't after her.. She's lucky her dog is still alive..

Amazing Cute Dog Tricks with Tiny Dog Misa Minnie
  • 28.10.2021
  • 3058

You wont believe this little dog's tricks! Start your day off with a smile. :) After struggling the last year with my vision loss we finally were able to make a new trick video with my wonder dog Misa Minnie. :) This is dedicated to all the people that helped us out this year. Misa Minnie is a 1 1/2 year old Yorkie in this video that is trained with positive reinforcement and lots of treats. She lives in Sunny California where she is home trained and is now officially a Therapy Dog for children and people in hospice. I think she is the worlds smartest and cutest little dog. But I may be a bit bias ;)